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Just had a look at the drawn out (New) F.A rules for 2009/10 and one that will affect the SWPL is that all step 7 Leagues of the NSL will now operate with a match(es) ban rather than number of days ban.

This will be welcome for league administration as step 7, SWPL Div.1 East/West will fall in line with the SWPL Premier (step 6)

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Guest Old Timer

Cheers Mike, so as for somebody who received a red card last game of the season 08/09, will they be missing for the first 3 games 09/10 season?

Thanks :SM_carton:

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Yeh i agree Pete its about time. When i played for liskeard our keeper was sent off last game of the season and got 35days and missed 12 games. Yet another had 35days around chistmas and missed one. Doing it on games is definately the best way to do it.

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