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Sign of times to come

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Just browsed on the Groundhoppers board of Tony Kempster

Apparently Summer football is in full swing

games covered in the-

Derby Summer League,

Catforth and District S/L,

Burnley and District S.L

(Which I presume the F.A have all sanctioned)

And in Wales with the LLandyrnog and District S.L

What would the CCFA have to say if the the defunt West Penwith League for instance started up in the close season?

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I played in the summer league in Derbyshire a few seasons ago. Actually it was in a pre-season friendly. ( I stopped to watch a game, as you do, and discovered that one side was short. I always carry my kit, just in case. Doesn't everyone?)

They play mid-week in the evenings and all seem to be attached to a pub for an after-game pint or two. Very civilised.

The CCFA may now consider banning me for playing in the close season!

(Actually it was the last week of May so I'm clean on that one.)

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