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liam patterson

Guest Norry

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Guest Norry

can anyone tell me who does liam patterson play for.....t.m.s. or mount ambrose

his pictures are on a tms site,but today he played for mount ambrose....i need some clarification....


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Guest Luffy

Glen Patterson plays for Mount Ambrose, and his brother Liam Patterson plays for Threemilestone. TMS game against Spice was called off due to spice not being able to raise a side and Liam had already spoke to me that he was unable to play due to a back problem, so I doubt he would have turned out for anyonelse epsecially another team in the mining league.

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me and glen look very similar not twins tho

i can assure due to my back i could not play today for anyone let alone a side in the same division.

i am signed on for tms and stithians

hope this clears things up :)

also my cousin elliot baker plays for mount ambrose

dunno if he played today but may have


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