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Well lets just say that the Withy fans today stood at separate ends of the ground. We all got back together in the clubhouse at halftime and a gentleman came in and shouted out the winning draw number. We all got our tickets out to check and found that the supporters from beside the dugout had the same numbers on their tickets as the group of supporters i was with on the bank at the clubhouse end behind the goal. When i confronted the lady who sold us the tickets with both tickets in my hand her reply was well good job you didnt win then. Their is no excuse for this to happen and in our opinion with the evidence in front of them a refund should of been offered to every Withy supporter. We are quite happy to buy a 50/50 at all the clubs we visit as we know it helps a little towards match day costings however we feel that these duplicated tickets were possibly given to us without them thinking we would all get together at halftime and maybe just maybe not entered into the draw. I know when we visit Bodmin again next season their is absolutely NO WAY any of us will buy a 50/50 draw. :angry2: :angry2:

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

An honest mistake by having two lots of tickets with the same numbers or something else Mr NDD ? Not having been to Bodmin since we beat them 1-0 in the last old SWL (Paul will back this up) I have to say that the 50/50 was always done with honesty, mind you it was obvious someone from Newquay would have won it that night, we outnumbered the home support again, despite our poor position in the league.

Great clubhouse at Bodmin though, shame thay don't have the fans to support the club.

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