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EVERTON for the cup?

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

I'm sure that Everton Dave, (Newquays self proclaimed No'1 Fan) will have something to say when he gets out of Cell 3 of Newquay Nick tomorrow Morning, currently in the clubhouse, but will no doubt get his usual blue light taxi later !

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Guest toaster15

hopefully the final will be between big clubs like Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal, if any little minnows like Everton get in there, it won't be worth watching.

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As a Red half of Merseyside Supporter, I hate to say this but I think Everton have a very good chance of winning the FA Cup.

The presure will be on United, hot favourites and all that crap. The toffeemen are a bit like Liverpool when they won the champions league in Istanbul, one striker, Milan Baros.

Everton have had a horrendous injury list but still manage to pull through and get the results. They work and play as a unit.

My prediction will be Everton - Arsenal final. Everton to win.

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