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Gwinear ChurchTown vrs St just.

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Just thought I better let 1ofthekids know ahead of our cup match tomorrow that our boiler fell victim to the frost . :wacko: Despite our best efforts we are still with out showers and I know how dreadful this experience was for 1ofthekids after the TMS game and I'd hate for him to feel the need to come on here after Saturday and moan about it. :angry: Our changing rooms will hold as many as you care to bring with you and the pitch is like the Theatre of Dreams ( only half the size and maybe a bit lumpy and uneven ) . Any way you have been pre warned as requested and should you wish to use the car wash there is one on the causeway pound coins required :yahoo: or if you'd like to stop off at the swimming pool you can visit the site and check out facilities http://www.leisureconnection.co.uk/ . See you in the sunshine tomorrow B)

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