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This is me with my football head on now[Not my Spurs one].

If Man Utd drop points at home to Chelski this afternoon[very likely],that means the only teams making a

push are Aston Villa,and dare I say it 4rsen4l.

There will only be 11 pts between Liverpool and Everton who are 6th,now compared with recent seasons,

thats tight.

I know all the experts will put their money on the usual favourites,but if the big 3 continue to drop points,

as they are doing,and the others can keep up their progress,we could have the best ever Premiership

title race yet.

Before you Mancs reply with,we got 3 games in hand thing,you won't get 9 out of 9 points for your games

in hand.

You never know if the top boys keep dropping points,and Arry gets a run going Spurs could be the

dark horses,[He He He He He] <_<

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