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Cornwall Sunday Cup 6/12

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Foxhole 2 - St Blazey 4, our game, Queens Head v Carlyon Arms called off, pitch cut up. St Teath are going for it this year, draughting in Bodmin Town players by all accounts, Queens Head our opponents are mostly senior players. I guess it means so much to them! There should be a cup contested by you guys down west and us in the Cornwall Sunday league, none of the "invitation teams" who field nothing but seniors.

No senior players are allowed in the Sunday Cup. Reinstated players, up to 4, can play but they can't be reinstated more than twice and not after the date of the third round.

If there are ineligible players, a protest has to be made to the CCFA by about the Wednesday!

To "catch out" teams is difficult if they just put in a made up team sheet. But if you get a few people to confirm that players who shouldn't be there, were there, it can be done.

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