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Sorry for asking if there was any spare refs going

Guest Gaff

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Would like to appologise for asking for a ref. As didn't realise that this was against the FA rules.

I will not do it again, but do think that the situation could have been delt with a whole lot better, as we are a fairly new club and this is the first time we have done this. I can say that "we was not trying to do anyones job for them." If anything trying to take a load off thier shoulders. But like i've said it will not happen again.

But i will ask could mining 3 be given some refs once in a while, how come Falmouth/Helston is favored over our league week in week out?

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In all fairness i dont think it helps when we are all on here slagging off the refs most weeks no wonder where short of refs.we all moan about them making bad decisions but with out them games normally dont go ahead

I fully agree. But had nothing to do with that, I put a post on asking if there were any refs without a game as we didn't have one. I didn't approach anyone just gave my number and they contacted me. So can't really see what i did wrong, but whatever it was i won't be asking to see if a ref is available on here again as you wouldn't believe the hastle it caused. Next time i'll leave my team without a ref and a ref without a game. CRAZY. Just wish it could have been explained that what we did was wrong instead of my secutary getting a phone call with someone going nuts at him when he didn't even know what had happened at that point. He offered my number so that the relivent person could be spoken to, but that road wasn't taken, we will leave it there. I would like to thank George for his phone call on saturday morning explaining things to us properly. Just very confussed as i'm on the forum most weeks and see messages like this all the time from other teams and Refs themselves.

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I don't think fal/helst has any favouritsm over the mining league,i think it's more the location of the referees,

fal/helst would seem to have the greater number living closer,things like travelling expenses have to be taken into account.

Don't forget it was Senior Cup weekend,there was bound to be a shortage with each match needing three


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