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Duchy league cup result

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No, Cally were a player short, Woodmanaldo. They began and completed the game with ten men. It is unfortunate I agree but I hear they put up a stern resistance initially and I say well done to their players.

The truth is, and this is where I compliment Saints, they took advantage and steamrollered the opposition. Our job is to win matches, whatever the circumstances. To win matches by the best possible margin and we did. If we'd had ten and they'd had eleven, they wouldn't have gone soft on us.

Now to Saints: we've been wthout three of our top strikers for a few matches and were again yesterday. We've been beaten three games in a row which makes this result even better.

Yesterday for us Jason, not Liam Ames hit five. Jason's a midfielder.

Hickers has done a wonderful job with this team but the best is yet to come and I can't wait.

Cally will bounce back, I'm sure. I hope so as my son-in-law and daughter live in the village.

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