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East v West - Junior Cup

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With regards to the ongoing debate of the East v West in the Junior Cup, I'd like to see an open draw, without the East & West sections. That way you'd get a number of East v West games - and maybe you'd get a better picture of which side of Cornwall is strongest.

Obviously geographically there would be more travelling for example this might mean that Torpoint may have to travel to St Just, but it would be interesting non the less.

This would also allow you to play a side you don't normally come up against. I wonder how others think about this?

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The early stages might be a bit much for the shall we say smaller clubs. After all would say a small village team like Cury (Just for example fellas nothing meant by it) even bother going to an away fixture at say Torpoint. A game that in all honesty they had little chance of winning and that would no doub't cause them problems in raising anywhere near there normal side to travel.

I wouldn't mind seeing the quarters being an open draw as by then we should be down to the real contenders. But even then they would need to be at neutral grounds that would suit both sides.

All in all I think its best left alone. :c:

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The Peninsula League Cup has three sections in the early rounds, being

- West (West Cornwall)

- Central (East Cornwall / Plymouth / West Devon)

- East (Exeter / Torquay)

Perhaps the Junior Cup could adopt something similar, so the clubs in the central part of the County

(between St Day and Bodmin) could be drawn against other leagues in the early rounds. Just a thought.

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