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Results West Cornwall Sunday League - 2nd November

Guest Postie Pidge

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Truro United 6 Crowntown 3

Bad tempered, grumpy game - and that was from the winners.

Three Yellow, one red for Truro, one Yellow for Crowntown.

Not a good game for either side. Crowntown seemed to have most of the game but Truro just scored with every attack, it seemed.

4-0 at half time, with the slope..

6-3 at full time with Truro with 10 men for the last 55 minutes.

Jamie Marles scored 2 (1 pen) and Stuart Smeeth got the other for Crowntown.

Sorry Justin Moses, the ref, you deserved better and did well.

Red card for elbow in face to Jamie Marles. In full view of ref, so there was no need for any histrionics. Didn't pick up his name but Truro lads suggested that he wouldn't be required again in their team.

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the tms scorers were:

mark(mitchey) 4

me 2

adam stevens 2

rich price 2(his first 2 touches of the ball resulting in 2 goals)im surprised he hasn't been on here already telling everyone about it yet.

rich pascoe 1

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