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Cornwall Sunday Cup 26/10

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I'll keep it short and sweet as i'll end up saying something that will lose us points or something, and billy will probably tell me off and give me detention!! lol

Crowntown 2-5 Storm or possibly 6....lost interest.

Not sure of Storms scorers but i had both of ours.

Just one thing then billy, only a small comment......!! lol

The ref we had today didnt even know the correct offside rule.....need i say anymore....?!!! shocking for 90 minutes...

Storm still deserved to win, but it would of been a better game and alot closer had we had a proper ref.

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.can only say Billy scores cracking own goals but give him a penalty and he hits the bar ????

mind you if he had played it again and hit the back of the net the ref would probably of allowed it .

. Just one of many " interesting " decisions he gave today .

Player 5 yards offside , ball played through to him but brushes a defender on way , goes on to score

GOAL given ....Reason ; he was played onside as the defender touched ball !!

Goalkick .... Keeper plays the ball short to defender but stops 2 yards inside the box .....

.ref tells keeper to kick it again from where it stopped to keep game going .

and this guy got promoted last season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh dear , oh dear .....

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Guest Postie Pidge

Ok Mike but CCFA Website also has score as 2-5.

When the Camborne Park manager phoned the score through he said it was 5-1 but I'm happy to go with the majority

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