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You wanted a public hanging when Eduardo was TACKLED by Martin Taylor and certainly never held back when it came to shouting for Taylor to be banned until Eduardo was able to return to action. So why have you had nothing to say about Danny Guthrie's BLATANT KICK at Craig Fagan which left him with a broken leg and the prospect of month's out of the game.

I know you'll probably say that the injurie's are totally different BUT the fact is that the KICK/ASSAULT by Guthrie was ALOT worse than the TACKLE that Taylor made, yet he gets a miserly 3 match ban and nobody seems to have said a thing.

Taylor TACKLE = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_2m6u_WNOs...feature=related (It's 1 minute in)

Guthrie KICK = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFDLY2TUWL8

But then again, both were like fairy taps compared to some of these = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJuCaryB1E0...feature=related

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Good point Coopsie, but probably the main reason why no one has really mentioned the sickening play by Guthrie is because there arent as many newcastle fans as Arsenal fans in this part of the world bud and newcastle arent as high profile as Arsenal (no offence newcastle but you are almost as bad as Spurs!! lol-just for u Coopsie that was!! lol). (just answering your 1st question/statement)

Like i have always said-if a player has deliberatley (i know its hard to prove) made a sickening challenge like the ones talked about by taylor/Guthrie and many more that dont get mentioned-if a player has had his leg broken or is out for a long period of time-in my oppinion the offender should be suspended for the same length as the victim and the offenders club should pay half or all of the victims wages as a lesson!!

That is the only way these horrible tackles will be stopped. :angry2:

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