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Pre season friendlies ( failures!!)

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Does anyone have a good reason as to why so many friendlies have been called off this pre season. There seems to be a massive spate of them this year. Are clubs losing respect for other clubs? Players commitment is getting worse? I don't know but arranging these games takes plenty of effort from those behind the scenes and some clubs need to recognise this and sort it out.

If you haven't got a full team travel light borrow a few from elsewhere, get some younsters involved, try the opposition first, do something. It is also a waste for the affected clubs as late withdrawls prevent them from arranging an alternative match. What is the game coming to? Sort it out!! :SM_carton:

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Well said Grant.

Grampound (Duchy 2) were due to play Roseland (Duchy Prem) on Wednesday eve, but Roseland pulled out late on Wednesday afternoon as they only had 5 players available! Annoying when arrangements are all made, pitch marked out, a referee booked, changing rooms booked, the pub going to lay on food after etc. Plus some players had obviously arranged to leave work early etc :SM_carton_y: :SM_carton:

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