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Tomorrow will be my last game as Roche Manager as i am going back to do the Secretary's job at St Dennis Afc. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teams in the Ecl Div One for the last two years.

We have had some very good games against some good footballing sides and also some not good sides, but i have enjoyed every moment of it. I would like to Congratulate local rivals St Stephens on there good season and also all the teams that i and my team have visited this year.

We had some good games and were well looked after at Bere Alston, Tavistock and Holsworthy places you would not normally have gone if the league wasn't opened up to teams further north.

I would also like to thank Torpoint who we gave a good account of ourselves in the Cup.

Last year we had good games against Tamerside x 4 and Lanreath who have both done well this term.

With the discussion on other pages its worth remembering that we all do this for a hobby and that when you get to go to other grounds and clubs its nice to meet new people and play against in some cases better players. I am all for the league expanding and bringing in bigger clubs via there reserves sides but would still like to see the league retain its derby culture perhaps via cup groups, mainly for the revenue it provides.

Thank You all for the last two seasons

Steve Bates

PS Polperro we are coming there to win tomorrow with a full side. ha/ha

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Johnnie, long time no speak! I don't come on here a great deal - normally only when I want something!

Good luck with your new role at St Dennis. I enjoyed our encounters when I was with Tamarside last season... we both like a rant and rave don't we mate?!

Keep up the good work, and you never know, we might cross paths again in the future.

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Yeah good luck 'Johnnie'

I only made your acquantance twice this year in my 1st season at Bere Alston, but have to congratulate and thank Roche, when back on 29th March this year, amid absolutely appalling weather across the West Country and with every game apparently called off, our match at your place survived.

It seemed to me that Roche were not far off having a decent side this year as your goals against column suggests, but you had terrible problems scoring at the other end and often lost out by the odd goal.

Keep up the good work at St Dennis next season, however because of the restructure, etc, Bere Alston will be plying their trade in the Premier Division so our paths won't cross for a season at least.

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Good luck Johnny, I know a few of the lads down at St Dennis and if they stay together they will be a force in whatever league you end up in next season. If your not back in the ECFL next year it wont be too long.

P.S was that Boaty I seen lining up for your lot last week at callington!!! :drink:

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