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Torpoint 2 St Blazey 1

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An excellent and hard won 3 points, also the first double over St Blazey for (need to check the records) what is probably a long time.

Torpoint on top in the first half with excellent finishes from Adam Carter and Darren Hicks.

St blazey replied before the break after a good passing move left the home defence static.

Second half the away side were on top for long periods, flashing a few shots across the goal, without really forcing a save from the home keeper.

For all their second half possesion, the best chances were created by Torpoint. Hitting the bar and post, and the away keeper pulling off three fantastic saves.

A sigh of relief at the final whistle, and a top four finish (not many would have put money on that) is still possible.

Now off to get the coach to St Blazey for the ECPL cup final :drink:

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Torpoint Imp

How we (St Blazey) never scored in the first 20 mins of the second half I will never know! But as they say in football...If you don't take your chances!!

That Carter is a big strong lad and as one of our defenders (the one with the blooded nose!) said he's a real handfull to mark. Very accurate report on the game - sometimes you read them and wonder whether the writer watched the same one :clapper: !

Excellent reception as ever at the Mill and you are definately my "surprise package" this season

All the best

St Blazey AFC

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Guest crosser

tell me about it i was having a coronary in the second half as blazey missed chance after chance was certain you would have put one of them away!! We lost count of the amount of chances you missed, but luckily for us we held on, we could have added a couple more towards the end but the woodwork saved you, but saying that if the scoreline had been bigger it would have been an injustice to you.

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Yes it was a fair result as we failed to capitalise on a long spell of pressure on the Torpoint goal from the restart of the 2nd half. As previously mentioned, a high score draw could very easily been the outcome, but for the second week on the bounce, we failed to turn multiple clear chances into goals and therefore have zero points from 6. Cant fault the lads for their effort or endeavour over the last 2 games though.

Adam Carter was a constant threat throughout for Torpoint and featuring once again for St Blazey was the young Neil Slateford, recently arriving from Camelford. At 17 he has shown real signs of quality on and off the ball and has stepped up to the level very comfortably so far.

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