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After Annoying the CCFA with continual phone calls, i am the best has had his ban reduced from 35 days to 21 days. The CCFA did take into account this was his only sending off (It was for hand-bags at dawn) and only a couple of cautions. So expect the maestro back sooner rather than later!

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I suppose now Deano's ban is up the huge bidding war between Man Utd and Real Madrid begins.

I mean what would be the point in paying the £50 million Deano is valued at if he is banned and cant play!

Rumour is 'Iamthebest' has already been taking Spanish lessons. Any truth in this?

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Guest Roberts

dean has self diagnosed himself with a chipped bone "no need for a doctor" was what he said.

so seems all the hard work has gone waste

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