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Non Football question what broadband?

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Hiya members,

was wondering if you could help out and share your views on this one.

I`m currently using PlusNet for my broadband and paying £21 a month its really reliable and can only get 1mb cos i`m a distance from the exchange so not bothered to much about that but was seriously thinking of moving over to Sky broadband and taking advantage of the £5 or £10 a month package.

Anyone using sky broadband and what its like? Reliable? If not who do you use? and what kinda prices do you pay?



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Guest Blue_Dude-(^_^)

Im on sky.

broadband,phone,full sky package apart from movies.

I pay £5 per month for un-limited phone calls so mrs dude can call her mom. All land lines are free for up to an hour anytime of the day.

Broadband is fine, only slow when AVG is doing a scan.

Costs me about £45/£50 per month total, for the lot. I'm happy with it :thumbsup:

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I have a contract mobile phone with ORANGE which costs me £35 per month. With that I get FREE BROADBAND and FREE PHONECALLS from my land line 24/7.. The speed of my broadband is upto 8mb and I have absolutely NO complaints whatsoever. By the way, my orange contract gives me 600 minutes and unlimited texts, which comes in handy because I have to keep Mr Chown upto date with jokes. ;)

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Coopsie, the Orangehome broadband package is absolutely ideal, it's a good job you signed up because it isn't free nowadays! I think you can still get it for around £5 a month if you sign up for an 18mth contract, the livebox is spot on and I can't recall any downtime. I recently moved house and I was back up and running within seven days too, the service was spot on. Sky broadband is a great excuse if you haven't got sky sports, I think it's £35 for a 2 variety mix plus sky sports. 2 meg broadband is free and so are evening and weekend calls. Also, if you are recommended, you'll get a free sky plus box, so if you need recommending, give me a shout!


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