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Junior Cup final photos now online

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How about posting a couple of your photos in the relevent section and then offer a link to your website?

I`m sorry but we dont really want this to be an advertising board for peoples websites i`m afraid, so if you please post some of your photos in the forum for us to see Its nice to add some colour to the site, then we`ll be happy to leave your link to your website on here.

Fairs fair.


P.s Like your photos too! Nice.

To all other members how about taking some pics of the local games and adding them to the forum too?

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Guest Uncle Albert

Ade. Can you post some pix of Portreath celebrations with the trophy on the pitch after the game please. You must have got some - there was a brilliant one on the back of the West Briton today. Thank you.

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I couldn't believe how quickly the players left the pitch after the presentations. I know there was another game due but I managed very few celebration pics. I had one of the Truro side celebrating on the back page of the Truro West Briton but don't know what was on your edition....may not have been my photo, there were several photographers there.

I will add some photos here as requested...its no problem, but this forum is a good way of letting people know that there are some photos around of their games.

I am about to add the Senior cup final link so hope thats ok!


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