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ECPL Div One Re-arranged Remaining Fixtures ???

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This is the best I can do to the end of April. Even then there may still be changes

Apologies if there are any errors.



Saturday 29th march

Premier Division

Lanreath v Godolphin

Liskeard Athletic v Sticker

Padstow United v Probus

Saltash v Biscovey

Tamarside v Morwenstow

Division One

Callington Town v Bude Town

Camelford v Tavistock

Lifton v Holsworthy

Polperro v Nanpean Rovers

Roche v Bere Alston

St Newlyn East v St Columb Major

Tuesday 1st April

Premier Division

Wadebridge Town v Probus

Division One

Callington Town v Lifton

St Blazey v St Columb Major

Wednesday 2nd April

Premier Division:

Launceston v Sticker

Saltash United v Tamarside

Division One

St Newlyn East v Nanpean Rovers

Saturday 5th.April

Premier Division

Godolphin v Tamarside

Lanreath v Padstow United

Launceston v Liskeard Athletic

Morwenstow v Bodmin Town

Probus v Sticker

Torpoint Athletic v Saltash United

Division One

Bere Alston v St Stephen

Camelford v Polperro

Nanpean Rovers v St Newlyn East

St Blazey v Lifton

St Columb Major v Bude Town

Tavistock v Roche

Callington Town v Holsworthy

Sunday 6th April

Premier Division

Biscovey v Morwenstow

Division One

Bude Town v Tavistock

Tuesday 8th.April

Premier Division

Padstow United v Godolphin

Wadebridge Town v Sticker

Wednesday 9th.April

Premier Division

Liskeard Athletic v Launceston

Division One

Roche v Nanpean Rovers

Tavistock v Callington Town

Holsworthy v Bere Alston

Saturday 12th April

Premier Division

Lanreath v Morwenstow

Bodmin Town v Sticker

Launceston v Godolphin

Tamarside v Biscovey

Torpoint Athletic v Padstow United

Wadebridge Town v Saltash United

Division One

Bude Town v St Columb Major

Camelford v Nanpean Rovers

Polperro v St Newlyn East

Bere Alston v St Blazey

St Stephen v Callington Town

Sunday 13th.April

Bude Town v St Newlyn East

Tuesday 15th.April

Premier Division

Wadebridge Town v Padstow United

Wednesday 16th.April

Premier Division

Lanreath v Liskeard Athletic

Sticker v Biscovey

Tamarside v Torpoint Athletic

Division One

Tavistock v Nanpean Rovers

Lifton v Camelford

Polperro v Callington Town

Saturday 19th.April

Premier Division

Bodmin Town v Wadebridge Town

Launceston v Saltash United

Morwenstow v Probus

Padstow United v Biscovey

Sticker v Lanreath


Division One

Bude Town v St Stephen

Callington Town v Tavistock

Camelford v Lifton

Holsworthy v St Newlyn East

Nanpean Rovers v Roche

St Blazey v Polperro

Sunday 20th April

Rowett Insurance League Cup final at St Blazey 3pm ko

Tamarside v Torpoint Athletic

Tuesday 22nd.April

Premier Division

Wadebridge Town v Godolphin

Wednesday 23rd.April

Premier Division

Launceston v Morwenstow

Liskeard v Padstow

Lanreath v Tamarside

Division One

Bude Town v Holsworthy

Roche v Camelford

St Columb Major v St Blazey

Tavistock v Bere Alston

Lifton v Polperro

Saturday 26th April

Premier Division

Launceston v Tamarside

Liskeard Athletic v Lanreath

Padstow United v Sticker

Saltash United v Probus

Torpoint Athletic v Morwenstow

Division One

Bere Alston v Polperro (5pm)

Nanpean Rovers v Lifton

Roche v St Newlyn East

St Columb Major v Callington Town

St Stephen v Holsworthy

Tavistock v Camelford

Tuesday 29th.April

Premier Division

Bodmin Town v Saltash United

Godolphin v Probus

Tamarside v Liskeard

Launceston v Wadebridge

Division One

St Blazey v Nanpean Rovers

Wednesday 30th.April

Premier Division

Tamarside v Liskeard Athletic

Division One

Lifton v Bude Town

St Columb Major v Camelford

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