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No, I didn't really play in Black & White!

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Just a bit of interest to prove that I was once a handsome, young athlete.(Well I had terrible athletes' foot!)

Back row right hand end.

Picture taken just after the invention of colour photography, Morleians F.C. Derby, C1967.

Look at the balls! (No, this isn't one of those naughty team photographs)



Any more historical contributions?

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i notice there are twelve of you where substitutes allowed in those days ?


No chance. "Broken leg? Just run it off lad, you'll be alright. Kick 'im with the other leg". We were 'ard in them days.

I think that they'd just brought in one sub allowed for an injury. Then they realised that short of x-ray, CAT scan and full medical attendance, no one could prove whether a player was injured. The manager (Pro games as well!) would signal for a player to be injured. Honest!

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Guest Luffy

If you click on my name 'stig' it will take you to a picture from the early 80's, remember those tight shorts?

Certainly remember those shorts, still had a pair of the 1980's shorts in the house a couple of years ago, used to wear them as well. Unfortunately they have departed to some far off land, the wife said that I may have got away with wearing them back then [was a bit slimmer in those days] but 20 odd years, and many a barrel of CSB later it made her think of her child hood in the 70's when hot pants were so popular everytime I squeezed them around me a***.

They certainly should be brought back although it was always worrying when you stretched for the ball whether or not the shorts would give out or the killack and two would be spotted by some passer by.

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