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We are only 5 points clear?!!!


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Jenksy I persume you havent watched Man U this year, or been on some sort of wacky backy that isnt helping your mind think. they look strong and brilliant at the back and awesome and magical going forward. Man U have got the title this yr and even going bit wager on them doin double and treble

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I watched Man u play city :D Arsenal are def gonna win :thumbsup::drink:

you must also have watched the arse play spurs the other week you cant judge a team by one poor performance the arse are a good side I just think united are stronger this season and will go on to win the league like I said dont arsenal have to play united and chelsea and liverpool yet IF they win all them maybe then you can start thinking about winning the league until then I would be patient.

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Good luck with that bet metts.

Anita, you could probably do with a reminder of Ar5ena1 against Spurs. Hope you've got your PC volume up nice and loud?. Spurs fans/Ar5ena1 haters should prepare for a satisfactory chuckle.

A slideshow of our win against the Woolwich Wanderers. Whose fans are still making their boring excuses about getting hammered by the Pride of North London!


1) The average age of the Arsenal 14 players used was 22.8, for spurs 25.8

2) The Arsenal starting 11 cost £51m to Spurs £39m. including the 3 subs used this becomes £62m Arsenal to £53m spurs.

3) The 14 players used by spurs have started 279 games between them this season, the Arsenal 14 have started 214 between them.

4) There were 11 players out of the 14 for Arsenal who have full international caps. Spurs had only 9.

5) The total caps held by the 14 Arsenal is 261 (hardly kids eh!) to spurs 341.

6) 2 players for the Arsenal have won the world cup.

7) The injury ravaged Spurs team that played in the league game at the emirates had a younger average age than the Arsenal and played them off the park with all reporters agreeing that we should have won the game.

Lose to West Ham - Arsene Wenger squabbles with and starts a fight with Pardew.. Lose to Spurs - they start a fight amongst themselves.. Lose to United - Throw Pizza at Fergie and start a fight on the pitch.. Lose to Chelsea in the Cup - Start a fight... (more) (less)

Ofcourse, IF Ar5ena1 do win the league, they will be eternally grateful to us Spurs fans for giving them 6 points and then 2weeks after that apparant fluke result/hammering against the scum, we got what must be another fluke result against the current Premiership champions by way of them scoring in the 4th minute of injury time. Even though the 4th official held up his little digital board which clearly showed that there was THREE minutes to be added at the end of the game.

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R U trying to say Arsenal are good losers and take it with the spirit of the game

Who are you asking bud?

Have a giggle at this little song aswell.





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Unless i'm totally wrong thats from the 1905/06 season till today :D

:clapper: . Ofcourse, 1905/06 was when you invaded North London from Woolwich wasn't it and as far as I'm aware we hadn't beaten you since 1999 before "that night" and therefore that would mean a minimum of 16 games without a Spurs victory. Take those 16 games off the total you have Arsenal winning and you'll see what I meant. ;)

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I agree with your 1st and 2nd place Gillsy mate BUT are you willing to say who you think will get that all important 4th place (assuming it's going to be Chelski in 3rd).

As much as I hate to say it, I think Liverpool will do it. I would love to see Everton do it because St Darren wouldn't here the end of it :thumbsup:

Fingers crossed anyone but Liverpool :yahoo:

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