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New league websites?????

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I've just had a good read of the following link: http://full-time.thefa.com/

I haven't seen this before at all, and whilst I'm not necessarily putting my hand up to get involved with setting one up for the Mining League, surely this is the way to go for all the local leagues?

We've talked before about 'unofficial' league sites but it seems that with the cooperation of league management committees throughout the County, we could drag ourselves up into the 21st Century, and have a lot of the tools at our disposal.

As far as the Mining League is concerned, I'm happy to put a representation to the Committee if there is support from the member clubs, although I would find it difficult to commit to time in helping to set it up, if authorised.

We have links to various league tables already but this tool appears to be able to do all of that, fixturing, sample forms, links to clubs etc etc.

Why has this been hiding away?????


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Darren this has been around for the last 3 years !!!

fa pumped millions into it .but it took a lot of working out ..what is the postcode for your pitch etc

also had a problem if 2 players with the same name were registered by different clubs .

A MUCH better site is www.football.mitoo.co.uk really easy to set up and use .

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