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Bere Alston part company with manager

Guest yeti

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Following yesterdays home defeat to East Cornwall Premier leaders Morwenstow, Bere Alston parted company with their manager Paul Blatchford.

Will Westlake will take up player/manager duties till a replacement is allocated.

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Nice Club???

Week St Mary went down there a couple of weeks ago to play a duchy league game but had to play Westlake & Co, while the second team sat and watched from the side. I heard the squad of 20 looked pretty ridiculous and the supporters were calling for the manager (second team I presume) to be sacked.

I'm not sure of the circumstances of the first team cancellation but the mutings from Holsworthy were that Bere called it off? If I was a second team player there I wouldn't have come back the next week.

A nice club I ask you?

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Nice Club?!

As most Clubs with 1st and reserve teams Bere Alston were able to take advantage of the 1st team not having a game by giving a run out to 3 first teamers (maximum permitted by league rules) 'Co' consisting of a player who had just finished a 35 day ban, and a player who had minimal playing time in the last few weeks.

The debate about 1st teamers playing when short of fitness will go on and on and those 2nd teamers left out will always feel aggrieved,

As for the club cancelling a 1st team game for 3 players to play in a 2nd team game is absolute rubbish!

The fixture was printed in the press however from our perspective it was cancelled by the league. Its not like it was a championship decider! We lost the points anyway for fielding a player whose registration had not come through...however this was an administration error rather than us pulling a fast one as it was picked out on the team sheet!

So Left Peg its a bit of a joke that you question whether we are a nice club nice club with a post containing the words 'im not sure / i heard/ and mutings !!!

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Fair enough Show perhaps 'nice club' was a bit harsh.

I use words like those as 1) I make no attempt to hide that the above was what I heard on the grapevine as I am unattached from either of the aforementioned clubs & 2) By using emotive words I was merely tempting someone from Bere to state their side of the matter, for which you have, thank you. After all isn't this what the forum is about, finding out what goes on in Cornish football?

The issue of playing first team players in reserve sides when coming back from suspension/injury will always be contentious and sides who come up against it will have to count themselves unlucky. Its the reserve team players I feel for who (guessing before you jump on me) probably turn up to training each week, give everything and have to sit out in like you quite rightly said a game that meant little.

Good luck for the season, FYI my contact at Holsworthy did say Bere 1st team were awesome the night they went up there, but again hearsay so could mean little like my last post!

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