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Supporters and what they input

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Today, I was privileged to see the Torpoint supporters that stand in The Reg Redevenshire Stand affectionately reffered to as The Cow Shed financially support my club - they paid money to sponsor the match - they refused free entrance - complimentary drinks and food. They came in the bar after the match and celebrated with port (the Presidents drink of choice) toasts to the good of the club - the average age was sixty plus and most have seen their sons and/or grandsons play for Torpoint - many of those people have played for the club. That is what makes a club and as President I thank them all for what they have done for my club

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Got to say the Sticker supporters yesterday seemed a good bunch, good bit of banter banter all stuck around after the game and made it a good atmosphere in the club house. There a credit to the club. Well done ######

Quite a few of us are over sixty too, we love the club and the teams!!

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