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winter games.

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Last yr we managed to play a few games on our pitch by reversing fixtures but a lot of teams wouldn't do it saying about home ground advantage etc. But tbf in our league can u really say a team gets an advantage OK some pitches maybe bigger or smaller, some maybe a slope but its trelawny level not champions too many teams refuse to play over silly things at last min. Teams on council pitches such as calijah based sides and newbridge I know u can't help it but other clubs could try harder. I know the 3 Camborne teams athletic, town and park try really hard to put games on forking the pitches etc hrs before k.off

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I think you are right with regards to teams pulling together and trying their hardest as a club to get games on. But the home advantage is a valid point for a number of reasons, travelling, available time to make kick offs for certain home players who have planned their sat around it, and lastly the condition of the pitches being offered as alternatives can be very poor indeed which for the better footballing teams will make a hell off of a difference so they are well within their rights to want to play games at home.

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