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Glad you tried though! We had real technical problems as i kept mentioning. The Hub having telephone problems.

I built a show as past weeks, I hoped you listened to those? Only to be told all phones were down mid Friday morning.

I had the embarrassing job of texting 42 people to apologise. Not best pleased!

I hope back running this week, but found on Saturday that tweets coming in kept most games updated. So I thought when all back to normal that i would incorporate tweets into the programme.

Remember, I produce and present everything. No other help and certainly NOT paid.

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Sadly no. I am really pleased you enjoyed the show though.

Station management policy is that I have to play some music which I am not too happy about.

I am carving this up, but thought while it is playing I would sort out the twitter idea.Many thanks for listening.Enjoy the Liskeard game.R. D

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Sorry, I did not listen for long enough to hear your apologies,. Every time I switched over there was music on, so thanks for your explanation of the problems last Saturday.

I switched over to Radio Cornwall and all they seem to have is Rugby, and when the football games are finished, they go on to some obscure sport nobody wants to hear about at 5pm on a Saturday.

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