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  1. Are you referring to the ex senior players who have retired from SWPL football to have a few years playing in the Dutchy league and a manager who has decided to have a go managing his own village team? Remember only two senior players can play in Dutchy league football.
  2. Western Morning News yesterday (25/02/19) Page 39 "The new owners are understood to be the Endorsed Group, the software and recruitment firm which has been funding South West Peninsula League club Mousehole."
  3. Honest and neutral? Are you from Watergate Bay then? St. Mawgan defender stuck is arm up in the air and pulled the ball down. Home linesman did not even flag this time. Referee definitely not from Foxhole.
  4. St. Austell 5 (FIVE) Tavistock 0 Goal scorers Goldsworthy, Tinsley, Eddy (2), Lloyd.
  5. Falmouth to Saltash 60 miles, Collumpton to Saltash 59 miles.
  6. Gareth, I buy the St.Austell Voice every week, but in my opinion the sports coverage is not as good as it was when the other Gareth did it. I suppose he had the advantage of growing up in the area and knowing all the players, managers etc, to get his information. What has happened to Gordon's weekly cartoons. Has he given up doing it?
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