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Duchy Fixtures?

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I'm sure the fixture secretary explained why fixtures would only be released every few months, or at least I'm sure he did, but I can't remember why?

I know fixtures for October were to be released after the Junior Cup draw, but the draw was made a little while ago now?

As it stands, I know my next 2 league fixtures, and obviously the Junior Cup round.

It would be nice to have at least 2 months of fixtures always available so the lads have an idea what games they are available for and so the club can plan for matches as much as possible, and mainly just to be aware of who & where we're playing.


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The remainder of the October fixtures go live today (Prem and D1 are already online). There was a delay of a week when J Cup fixtures were released to see if any clubs had requested a change to either 4th or 18th October (none have so far).

There are a couple of issues surrounding some clubs with their grounds as well which we are working through at the moment which has delayed things a little.

November and December fixtures will be online within the week.

January, February and March should go online in November as this allows fixturing of teams who are out of the Junior Cup and League Cup on days designated for cup matches

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I tried doing that last season but it led to problems with games off for refs shortages / postponed due to weather / no pitch available as senior team had a cup game / teams dropping out of the league as it meant some teams having weeks and weeks between games at the end of the season. By doing it this way at least sides still have the opportunity to request future weeks off and sides should play most weeks

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