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  1. It's a genuine shame. Very good player, good attitude. Shame for a local lad.
  2. Supporter or total going on the pitch. Shame there weren't a few people who believe in old fashioned considered approach and detain him. There's no end to the stupidity unfortunately these days in our nanny state
  3. I didn't blame the ref's. If players stick to the rules then there aren't any reasons for cautions... Simple. The game is softer than ever
  4. It's a tricky one I suppose. Spoken to some of the older crew which I fit in with. If you get promoted then you go at it wholeheartedly. If you don't succeed you've at least set an example and attempted the next phase. Nothing worse than wondering, 'What if' s" are a waste of time and when wondering what could of been is an utter waste of time. Train as hard as possible. Keep good people together and enjoy some commitment on a united front.
  5. Credit to the club. Shame some of the young folk at clubs don't take some notice and work like this. Great work Barry
  6. Shame for Lanreath. Sad to see a score like that at anytime. Also, many moons ago now, but I never enjoyed hammering teams with double figured scorelines. Tough time ahead or with any luck players returning to the side at Lanreath. Good luck gents!
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