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Guest Doombar Kid

I think this rumour is old salt,just think,how long would it thke to develop virgin farm land into a facility that Penryn currently OWN,even though they have the best groundsman in the county, possibly the country.

Who would stand that over riding cost say for 3 years ?? I know it can be done, if time and expense did not come into the equation

But never saydie to the idea

I would have surely thought that if this was true to the extent of the rumour, there would of been more made of it either from the club or local press especially taking into account the monies mentioned

I know there are parcels of land situated aroud the ground which would open up further if you incorporated the CLUBS land,what would then happen with the Cricket club would this be bought also as they would then be situated and surrounded by houses

Food for thought though

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The idea of relocating with a big cash windfall sounds great BUT the club has to make sure that it can sustain a new location. I know Helston AFC has been offered good money to move, but if they do, they need to ensure that they can still get a good income from the clubhouse bars and things.

Moving out of a prime spot could, long term, be a disaster.

The one problem with Wendron's wonderful facilities is the out of town location. If everyone has to drive there, there's a limit to how many are going to spend an evening drinking or attending a function.

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