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I seem to be going from pillar to post so I have posted this on the main discussion board as well as on the Cornwall Combination/ECPL League section.

I am all in favour of having a separate section for items other than Cornish Football on this site, but I want everyone to be informed of any ECPL items. Not everyone will want to trawl through different leagues etc for information when they can see it first time up on the main board.

Please dump the individual sections and just return to one - plus one for non cornish football items. I'm afraid it just does not work. In future I will post everything about the ECPL on the main discussion board. Fixtures, results and even match reports.

:angry2: If you want to dump items then why not get rid of the never ending chat lines that start with a question about an ex player of a club and ends up as a conversation about someones friends, mums, brothers, daughters pregnant cat, who's sister is knocking around with Joe Bloggs who by the way his grandad used to play for your mates grandads team 97 years ago.

I do like to read about other leagues/clubs etc, but I'm damned if I'm going to trawl through a load of rubbish to reach what I could have read on the main board.

Hasn't anyone heard of a telephone or email.


Here are the early ECPL fixtures for Saturday 18th August through to Wednesday 22nd August.


Saturday 18th August 2007

Premier Division

Bodmin Town v Tamarside

Lanreath v Torpoint Athletic

Morwenstow v Padstow

Probus v Godolphin

Sticker v Liskeard Athletic

Division 1

Bere Alston v Camelford

Bude Town v Nanpean Rovers

Polperro v Lifton

St Blazey v Holsworthy

St Columb Major v Roche

St Stephen v St Newlyn East

Tuesday 21st.August

Premier Division

Godolphin v Sticker

Wadebridge Town v Lanreath

Division One

Callington Town v Bere Alston United

Camelford v Roche

Tavistock v Lifton

St Stephen v Nanpean

Wednesday 22nd.August

Premier Division

Bodmin Town v Padstow

Liskeard Athletic v Tamarside

Morwenstow v Launceston

Probus v Biscovey

Saltash United v Torpoint Athletic

Division One

Holsworthy v Bude Town

Polperro v St Blazey

St Columb Major v St Newlyn East

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Thank you Anita, its now 29 views in 30 minutes. I'm sure the team have tried to act upon some peoples views about separate sub-forums but I for one cannot see the logic in having different ones.

If you look at a heading and it is of interest to you then you will go straight to it, but to have a look at different sub-forums takes up to much wasted time.

Just a thought.

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Guest Dermot

Good work ECPL,be nice if someone from the other leagues could keep us up to date with fixtures and Refs appointments,the season has started and i have not received my fixtures yet! ;0( :wacko:

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Guest Peppermint

Totally agree with your posting ECPL. It was so much simpler with the one section and it was easy to see what topics you wanted to read and post on.

Can we return to the old format that was working well - it if it is not broken why fix it!

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Just a reminder. Fixtures may change due to teams either getting thorugh this Saturdays Ex Prem round or are involved in mid week replays. Those changes will be posted on here.

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