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Division 1 West predictions

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Guest Peppermint

I cannot see Foxhole being that low in the League especially as they obviously play half of their games at home and they will be difficult to beat there. I think they will be mid table.

Newquay will do well to be in 5th position and if they do then that will be satisfactory but they will need to find some goal scorers!

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I think Callington Town may struggle. I understand they lost all of last seasons team and will have a number of their ECPL team in the squad. It also looks like they have gone back to bringing on the youngsters.

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Guest Cornishdave1980

Interesting predictions by Fiery Jack I cant see that changing to drastically but you never know. The top 2 predcition open the season tomorrow against each other so that will be a nice litte gage to see whether they will be pushing each other, however it is a long season so that one game won't dertimine everything.

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