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Advice please refs!

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Just wanted to see what people/refs thought of these two instances in our game last saturday:

First of all can a quick free kick be taken when the referee is talking to one of our players?

This ref did, they scored and by way of explanation he said our player wasn't listening!

Secondly, the advantage rule- you do have 2-3 seconds to bring the decision back if none gained?

This ref played an advantage, which was strange in itself - my centre half partner had the ball with two opposing players bearing down on him - this was after a clear foul- when he was caught with the ball and Parkway went through and scored. I know he played an advantage because he said he had but i feel there was none gained at any stage for us and were most definitely disadvantaged by his decision.

No argument about the result and no problem with Parkway who had enough of the game to have beaten by more, but they didn't and these two decisions cost us a point. We played really well especially in the second half and caused Parkway issues at the back, very encouraging as we had three decent players out, so well done to the youngsters who stepped in.

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Green Blood let it go! The ref was bad for both sides. There was no consistency in his decision making, the penalty you got was soft, but he deemed it a penalty, yet in two or three similiar incidents in your penalty area he didnt give us anything. Your centre half partner wasnt fouled either for that goal your on about, he slipped over, just like my fellow centre half did when you scored a goal..maybe I should say he was fouled?!

We should have been out of sight at half time, but we werent and that was a credit to yourselves who put us under a lot of pressure with your work rate off the ball. The tall guy (dan gifford) was causing us problems at the back merely because he was about 4ft taller than everyone else!

Good luck for the rest of the season and we look forward to what is always a competitive game back at your place in the near future.

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I will try to answer 1 , a referee should not allow play to restart while he is talking to a player, if it does he should bring the play back and restart again.

2 playing an advantage, a referee can bring play back if he considers no advantage has been gained, but it his opinion of whether he thinks it had gone on too far to bring it back.

I hope that helps.

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My thanks, Mr Manning. I was merely trying to learn what was right and wrong in those decisions made. Foz, i agree the ref was poor for both sides, its just nice to know for future reference, i enjoy my football at my time of life so i have certainly ' let it go'. See you later on in the year.

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Green Blood as Mr Manning has said ,if the official is in conversation with a player then the kick should not be taken until the official is ready . As for the Advantage if as the official plays an advantage it is only over when the official deems that an advantage has been gained , no real set time limit is on it (with in reason) I myself have taken to shout that the advantage is over this informs players that it has ended and play is back to normal .

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