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haylemed retires


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for the past 9 seasons i have been the hayle 1st team physio and after a lot of thought i have decided to call it a day.i would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody i have had the pleasure of meeting from west cornwall to the plymouth area.to all the managers,players and the referees thanks alot. to all the supporters, tea ladies and any body i might have missed.after 9 managerial changes and 100s of players that have past through my hands at 71yrs its time to take my foot of the pedal.my thanks go out to all the people who had faith in my ability to do sometimes a difficult job.COLIN AND WAYNE QUINN,PERRY BULLOCK.GARY MARKS AND TONY REYNOLDS to name but a few.i shall still be at hayle to help in any way i can. so once again its been a hell of an enjoyable ride, thanks and GOD BLESS. HAYLEMED.

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HAYLE F.C would like to thank you bob for all your hard work and

commitment to hayle fc. hope you continue being a active member

now you wont be on the touchline. also thanks for painting dugouts this week.

once again thank you for everything. :clapper::smiley20::drink:

i've not been at hayle long and don't think you've ever had to treat me, but am fully aware of all the hard work you put in, and we're all grateful and thankyou for it :smiley20:

just a thought can we get a girl now, everyone else seems to have one :thumbsup: lol x

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Your commitment Bob is something you rarely see these days within football, I also know how passionate you feel about the club, even though this maybe an end of an era, I’m sure their are avenues within Hayle Fc that will arise waiting for you. I was amazed to hear you have only ever missed 11 games since you became physio of the club, I know I can speak on behalf of the lads, that they have appreciated the advice, knowledge and wit which has kept us all entertained, even though this season has been challenging we have maintained a fantastic camaraderie and spirit, in which you have played your part.

Again well done Bob, here's to a well earned retirement :).

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