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Is it me? (Probably)

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I've just received a copy of "The FA Handbook - Rules of the Association and Laws of the game.". - a handsome document.

It has loads of useful information for a Sunday League club - about doping control, the size of advertising logos allowed on shorts and the Women's Football pyramid - to name a few. Oh, and the full "Football Agents Regulations". (How did I manage without this information?)

But where, oh where are the "Laws of the Game"? The book title says that they're there but I can't find them. Am I stupid? (that's a rhetorical question - don't answer it.) Surely a book that is entitled "Rules of the Association and Laws of the Game" should have those Laws somewhere therein?

I do actually like to browse through the Laws to check on the latest updates. Are goal nets still optional? Are shirt numbers still not mentioned? Maybe they've realised the stupidity of the "visible undergarments" bit or maybe made the substitutes law more sensible.

Maybe I'll never know.

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Is this document the CCFA issue ?, I have just looked at mine and its the County FA hand book, and to my knowledge they never put the Laws of the Game in that. If needed you can download the LOAF for this season from the CCFA website.

No, no. This is the F A Handbook. Nothing to do with the CCFA. Older versions used to have LOAF, but this one only has the subtitle "Rules of The Association and Laws of the Game". 561 pages with an Introduction by Roger Burden - Acting Chairman, The Football Association

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Try this one:


I think that you've missed the point. I know that I can get the Laws of the game in a plethora of places. I am just mystified that they aren't in a book entitled "The Rules of the Association and Laws of the Game".

I suppose it must be me.

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