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Football rivalries put on hold.

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Most Cornishmen are fiercely patriotic,at least where football is involved.We follow with fervour the fluctuating fortunes of our national representatives in all quarters of the globe,the attention now,of course,concentrated on the performance of England in South Africa as they are reported in the sports columns of the Press:or beamed into our living rooms.

In this matter of football as in weightier affairs,unity results from opposition to a common adversary.

But this spirit of concord will vanish after the Final is over and the strife becomes localised within Cornwall.National patriotism is whittled down to the support-not difficult to justify-of a particular team in our county;whether it be Truro City,St.Just,or St.Breward.Gone will be the rare and fascinating spectacle of the vast majority of the Forum readers in agreement about something.

This local partisanship will persist only until another international tournament comes along;then it is ousted again by complete but only temporary unity.

Come on England....hang on Carharrick!!

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