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Hey guys and gals (and cockerkneeboy :D ). I've got a question for you.. Is there any way that the weekends fixtures could be put on site BEFORE Saturday?, OR am I missing something and they already are? :unsure: ..

I only ask because my weekend work seems to have dried up somewhat now :( , and since I no longer have anyone to play for, I'll actually be bored on a Saturday.. So far I've not had chance to miss footy because of being nice and busy BUT there's NO WAY I'm ready to turn a Saturday afternoon into a Morrisons afternoon :( .. So any pre weekend notification of fixtures would be much appreciated :thumbsup: ...

Oh, and if people could tell me if it's possible to watch from the warmth and comfort of my car, that would be super.. I was going to go and watch Gulval 1st team at home yesterday, but there's no bloody way I was going to stand around in that weather...

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Hi coopsie, if you go to the CCFA website you can find the links to all the leagues and the fixtures are all there for the coming month, http://full-time.thefa.com/ListPublicRefer...;league=5695325 there is the link for the Duchy League. We officials now can see our appointments here as well.

http://www.football.mitoo.co.uk/MtchDay.cf...eCode=ECRNW2009 that sis the link to the ECPL fixtures.

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