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The one main arguement i thought was that if this team didnt play at Saltmill then they wouldnt have a ground and therefore be forced to fold despite working themselves all the way up from the lower duchy leagues?

Iv been on 3Gs that have actually flooded worse than normal pitches, and if it wasn't for the ridiclous wind then im sure it would have been on despite the rain, if it was played it would have been a farce anyway.

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Thanks BigDawg, somebody seeing some sense!

first of all the Site manager called the game off after it was deemed unsafe, not the club. we all wanted to play of course we did, and i think we could have left it a little later as polperro are quite close, as it happened come the afternoon the wind had died down so it would have been ok.

shock to see other clubs, especially st blazey complaining about the pitch, but if we didnt have it we would have nowhere to play and likely fold or be forced back into the junior leagues.

the pitch is used for the community, thats why some blazey youngsters and saltash 1st team train there during the evenings, where would they train during this horrible weather? their own pitch to mess it up for the weekend. its a shame to see people still having a dig at the pitch, but without there would be less local football in saltash, there would be less training facilities in the area and there would be less banter on the cornsih soccer forum!

why cant we just say, fair play to borough, working their way up from low leagues to semior football in only a handful of years, well done to their committee who found a pitch to play on for senior football, and good luck to them in finding a place they can call their own if one arises.

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Guest Dane Bunney

We ( millbrook)have our First , 2nds and youth team training on the saltmill pitch midweek , and i have to say i find it a top-class facility , having said that im not sure id like to play league games there , but for training i have no complaints at all.

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