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Saltash Utd v Ivybridge Town 7 May 09

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Saltash 3 - 3 Ivybridge

Saltash were out of the starting blocks about 45 mins before Ivybridge who forgot that they were suppose to be playing in a football match, hence, Saltash scored twice within the first 20 mins and fully deserved their lead. Ivybridge were second best for most of the first half, but, managed to pull a goal back thru Steve Hatfield, however, Saltash then scored a 3rd and it seemed that the night was going from bad to worse for Ivybridge. The half time whistle was a welcome break for the team in green.

Ivybridge came out for the second half with more determination and fire and took the game to Saltash.

Ivybridges 2nd was a cracker of a goal, some good movement and passing and the ball was despatched into the bottom left corner which gave the keeper no chance. Ivybridge had finally woken up and started to play some good fooball, with Saltash attacking on the break still looked like they could nick another goal to make the game safe.

Ivybridge had a goal disallowed for offside(the linesman was the only one to think it was offside) but at the end of the day he is the one that counts. Ivybridge then scored to level the game at 3 -3, to be honest it was no more then they deserved.

Ivybridge then had a golden chance to win the game, the ball was held up by Fice on the edge of the 18 yard box, layed the ball off to Middleton who some how blasted the ball wide of the target when it looked far easier to score.

The game finished level at 3 -3, Saltash will be wondering how they managed not the win the game after their first half performance, but all credit to Ivybridge they never gave in.

The men in black, hopefully, have had better days. The offside rule was a constant bone of contention, in most cases not being policed correctly.

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