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Kernow Youth League Finals at Hayle

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Would just like to congratulate The Kernow Youth League and Hayle Football Club for a fantastic day out yesterday for finals day.A very well organised event. Every game i saw was played in a fantastic spirt by the all the youngsters involved. A wonderful playing surface was provided for the kids to play there finals on and they were treated like pros for the day!! Nice to see some young referees on display too all doing a great job. Plenty of cheers of jubilation and tears of sadness put played in a great sprit.... a lesson to us all!!

Congratulations to all winners. :clapper:

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Guest Sam Boston

Hayle always put on a good, well-organised finals day for the minis :clapper: Let's hope Wendron do as good a job this Sunday for the Under 14s and Under 15s :thumbsup:

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Guest Rabinowitz_The_Red

well i heard some of the parents moaned when they saw me doing there game lol but do i care???? nope. maybe my reputation has spread.... nope always a good day out to do the finals wiv some minor exceptions on my side (but there personal) so don't really effect the organising.

good day out :)

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