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FAO all Newquay based teams: An Idea

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I have an idea

How about a Newquay Cup for all the Newquay based teams to be played during preseason

It would be an eight team tournament that would have a draw to decide a set of quarter finals, semis and obviously a final.

The teams that would participate Iif they wanted to) would be: Newquay AFC, Godolphin, Premier Sixes, St Mawgan, Holywell / Cubert, St Columb Minor, St Newlyn East, St Colmb Major. If any team didn't want to enter a guest team (i.e. Perranporth) would be invited to participate.

The idea would be for one side (ideally Newquay) to host the tournament.

The quarter finals would be played with a game a night on the first week, with the semi's on the Tuesday / Wednesday the next week and the final being held on the Saturday.

If the tournament was held at Newquay and a enterance fee of £2-£3 was charged the money raised from this would easily cover the officials and a trophy, with Newquay obviously doing very well off the bar.

I perswonally believe as a pre-season tournament this would generate massive interest locally and would be a brilliant tournament for all the local players to participate in.

Any thoughts?

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Don't forget, that Newquay currently have 2 'senior' sides, no need to invite others unless one or more sides don't go for it. Personally, I love the idea and hope you can convince everyone to make it happen. You know who to speak with at MW.

Good Luck !

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