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Guest mikey catterall

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Guest mikey catterall

culdrose vs frogpool

im going for a culdrose win i know frogpool are winning games but culdrose is a wide pitch and frogpool play threw the middle

hayle vs constantine

lets be honest at the moment the tine are unstopable

mawnan vs troon

i have to go for troon dont i mawnan are big and physical but if we cut out our mistakes and play the way we can we will be in the hat for next round good luck mawnan u have had some good results lately.

rosudgeon vs porthleven

now this is a hard one porth are droping points lately and rosudgeon are getting them i think this is going to extra time where rosudgeon will nick it

please dont feel affended this are just my predictions whats urs goodluck to all teams :thumbsup:

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Culdrose v Frogpool

Shock away win, Culdrose may be short on players, already a depleted squad since the season started and easter leave kicking in. A nice distraction for Frogpool from relegation troubles.

Mawnan v Troon

Going for a home win. Mawnan home record this season is pretty dam good. Troon away is a different story to Troon home, dropped alot of games away this season. Mawnan only really have the cups to play for with no promotion in the offing and that may give them the extra edge.

Hayle v Constantine

Only one winner here I'm affraid Tine.

Rosudgeon v Rangers

Tough call this one Rangers no win in 5, Rosudgeon on a roll. I will stick my neck out and go for a one goal win for Rangers. They will at some point come good and sat could be that day.

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Culdrose v Frogpool Game is postponed.

Due to an administration error by the League who have scheduled Culdrose to play through main Easter Leave Period.

All Culdrose games between 4th -20th April are to be re-scheduled. Each Season Culdrose submit dates of the main leave periods of which we are given dispensation. The original fixture list had no scheduled games between these dates, however The League Secretary, Mr Sobey fixtured in games during this period in error. He was aware of his mistake as soon as the re-arranged fixtures were promulgated and is in the process of rectifying the matter.

All clubs who are scheduled to play Culdrose during these dates will be notified by the league and an official letter will follow.

I have been instructed by the League that they will notify the clubs this affects and as a club we are more than aware that it always causes a major backlog of fixtures for us in May (4 games a week).

Furthermore we understand that it causes inconvenience to other league clubs for which we are fully sympathetic about. However we were elected by all clubs fully aware of the dispensation and conditions involved in us joining the FHFL.

I believe the Frogpool game will now take place on Thursday 23rd April 2009 as an evening kick off.


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