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Please note

The ECPL have awarded St Dominick and Holsworthy 3pts each for the failure of St Columb Major to fulfill the fixtures. The matches have been declared a 0-0 scoreline

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Kick a team when they are struggling. Why not blame the recession on them and get them charged with the Kennedy assasination. Hope your not a chairman or secretary of an ECPL team, the League have had enough to worry about without people asking permission to kick a man when he is down.

I am neither of the above.

I am merely stating what happens in the Duchy league.

Why should a team get away with not fulfilling fixtures.

When they enter the league they make a commitment to play the required fixtures.

I feel sorry for any team that struggles to put out 11 on a saturday but both you and I know that on occasions especially when a team has nothing to play for and the away game is miles away that a number of teams in recent seasons call the game off.

If there isn't a strong deterrant against teams doing this it will continue to happen which is not fair on the well run clubs like yours etc.

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