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Perran well well done


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what a game two day !!!!!! out standing display !!!!! a tribute to the combo league !!!!!! and after over 40yrs Mr David FISHER should be given the freedom of the village ,,,,,,,,,,Liken to Sir Alex Fergusen he says what is true but today he felt the ref was fare ,,,,, if you call 24 fouls by Saltash to 4 by Perranwell in the first half alone fare then ,,,,, your conservitive ,,,,,the ref on the field was without doubt there to make sure the senior club went through and only found the yellow card in his pocket due to embarrisment of the mounting foul count .. Saltash stooped to every dirty trick in the book on the field and off resulting in having a player sent off for so called warming up infront the perranwell dug out and at one stage calling the lines man an F,ing Banker sorry about my spelling Saltashamed ,,,,, Perranwell have shown without any doubt they ARE a quality outfit ,,,, there fitness and experience,,,,,,, maybe the only thing to let them down on the day ,,,,,,, but if they can stick together as a squad next season they WILL get the ackalade they truly deserve as a true, if not one of the best group of combo players in years ,,,,,,,,,, and todays ref will needed a horlicks to help him sleep tonight ,,,,, thanks to Saltash club for the food and the effort they put into getting the game on as the surface was very soft and needed great control in tackles some thing one side did, best of luck to Saltash in the next round and for the rest of the season ,,,,,

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