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Guest Patrick

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Guest Patrick


I'm currently in the process of arranging a football tour to Newquay and am looking for a team to play. We are Kingston Park Rangers and play in the Leatherhead and District Sunday football League Division 5 of 10. We founded the club last season and after a rocky start have started to find our feet.

We are a group of mates with an average age of 25, we enjoy playing good open football match but clearly prefer the social side. That's the reason we set the club up and that’s the whole reason why we tour. Only catch is we have to play a match in order to get the green cards from the misses‘.

We will be travelling down to Newquay 29th May and departing Sunday 31st May, ideally we will want a game on Saturday. We would also like a decent pitch/stadium to play in if this is possible, that way it will give us something to remember.

So if anyone is up for the challenge and wants to have an end of season laugh let me know.




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