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Bovey tracey VS Vospers

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as normal Vospers started brightly and where 4.2 up at half time. Hat trick from Paul Simpson helping them achieve this. But as normal and to the expected Bovey crowd that turned up in numbers to support their club, Bovey from the restart began to peg Vospers back. On 65 mins Vospers keeper Paul Pethick bacame the Saviour, with a fine penalty save. But it proved only a brief amount of help before the storm or Bovey tracey's attacking power came to the forth. With the remaining 25 minutes of the game, Bovey didn't only take the game but destroyed Vospers. This shows as Vospers didn't managed to have one shot in the second half.

Other than one goal the Vospers defence could only have them self to blame as the Bovey team ran riot! With the game already over the ball dropped a Bovey midfielder and he picked out from 25 yards the tp right corner. although vospers fought til the end Bovey only grew with confidence. The game finished 8.4 in favour of Bovey.

Best of luck to them in the next round.

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