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Is Roy Keane a bottler?


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Was listening to Talksport the other day and they were talking abour Roy keane leaving Sunderland. After ditching Ireland at a world cup, ruining the career of alfe inge haaland and leaving sunderland as soon as things went a bit pear shaped, does this mean the guy aint got any bottle?

Adrian Durham (who normally talks do much cr*p that its unbelievable), called keane a bottler and his argument, in my opinion, stood up.

This is not a topic to slag off Roy keane, but to merely discuss whether someone who is constantly mentioned as a true man united legend, walks when the going gets tough..............

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Wouldnt say he is a bottler though I can see where folks like Durham are coming from. Just think he has such high standards of everything in life, if it aint right he will just walk away rather than put up with 2nd best. With regards Sunderland think he has just had enough. Think Sparky may have been right in saying he didnt have a break from being player to manager. Keano will bw back!!

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