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Titans get 3 points from TMS game that was called off!!!

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Not as far as I know. The game was called off due to the pitch being waterlogged. Not much we could do about that. I have not been told of any decision to award Titans the game. If this is true then every game that is called off due to waterlogging would mean the away side getting the points.

I will check with the secretary in the morining but I am sure I would have been told of such a development especially as I am the manager of the side and I was the one who inspected the pitch and felt it was not fit for purpose, and as I do not like calling games off it was a very rare occurances for me to do so. :o <_<

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I dont even no y we got the points what time was the game called off???

The game was called off at about 1115 in the morning this is not late our game against Holmans was called off at 1220. I have spoken to a couple of the committee members and we have received no such notification, however, if we do then we are able to appeal which we certainly will do.

Therefore I have no idea why the leaque would award Titans the points. Postman Pat what was the reason given to your secretary for you being awarded the points?

I have never known a team awarded the points for being unable to play on a waterlogged pitch unless the season has come to an end which in this case it certainly has not. <_<

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